$550.00 USD

  • Simply place in the water so that the entire unit (heater and thermostat) is laying down on the bottom of your baptistry horizontally (as depicted to the left).  The circular bumpers at each end of the heater prevent the unit from touching or damaging your fiberglass baptistry.
  • Then plug the unit in approximately 24 hours before the baptismal ceremony.
  • That's it!

Heat-Up Time:  100 gallons of water will be heated to approximately 100°F in 24 hours*.  Be sure to prepare early.

*All heat-up times are approximate as factors such as initial water temperature, room ambient temperature and whether or not you have a baptistry cover present have an affect on them.


Additional Features:

  • Heater will not burn out if left out of water
  • The outer surface never overheats or exceeds safe limits
  • GFCI protection built into the plug for safety
  • Heater turns on only when temperatures are 79°F or lower.
  • 12.5" long and 3" diameter
  • Must be plugged into an outlet that is capable of handling 15 amps

REMEMBER:  Always unplug and remove baptistry heater right before the baptismal ceremony.