$697.00 USD

The PBES6000 Series Portable Baptistry Heater model PBES6010.
  • The PBES6010, 1kW unit, is recommended for baptistries up to 150 gallons and includes a 15' GFCI protected power cord.

***This portable circulation baptistry heater does not require any cutting, drilling, plumbing or modification to your church baptistry.***

Heat-Up Times:   
PBES6010 will heat 150 gallons in 11 to 15 hours*
Unit can heat water up to 104°F.

*All heat-up times are approximate as factors such as initial water temperature, room ambient temperature and whether or not you have a baptistry cover present have an affect on them.

Standard features:  Stainless steel housing | Full Range Thermostat | High Limit Protection | Pressure Switch Activation | Base Mounted | 15' Suction & Return Hoses

How It Works:

One hose connects to the submersible pump which pumps water from the baptistry to the heater, then heated water is pumped back to the baptistry with the other hose.