$1,990.00 USD

Includes 3 kits - 1 Auto Fill & Water Level Kit, 1 Auto Drain Kit & 1 Remote Control Unit.

 Remote Control Features:

  • ON/OFF - Power button
  • FILL/DRAIN - controls Auto Fill & Drain Kit (Water Level Kit is part of the auto fill kit) which fills and drains baptistry.
  • Digital Display - Appears when baptistry is full indicating that it is now time to set your comfort zone (temperature).  Displays temperature. You will also hear the pump start circulating the water.
  • 'Comfort Zone' knob - Used to set your desire temperature.
  • 'Heater On' light - Kicks on when Comfort Zone is set as baptistry water is heating up, turns off when desired temperature is reached.
  • 'Ready' light - Indicates that baptistry is ready to be filled with water and when the baptistry water reaches desired temperature.
  • 'Drain' light - Is displayed when Fill/Drain light is pushed when baptistry is full of water indicating that water is draining. 
  • 'Aux' button* - controls internal safety light in baptistry.  (*We currently do not offer internal baptistry lighting)

o Tub Side controller with 25' cables
o 1.5" to 2" reducer bushings (2 each)
o 2" to 0.5" PVC "T" fitting
o Liquid-Tight compression bushing for thermostat probe
o Long-Distance Air Tubing
o Installation template, thermostat knob, and label